Project Process

1. Initial meeting – During the initial meeting, we will meet with a potential client to discuss the basic details of the pending project. We start by discussing the intended function of the project. We will obtain the necessary information needed to create an initial proposal: cabinet style, door style, finish
options, special requests, etc. This step will typically involve a field measure (when applicable), hand sketches and a ‘wish list’.

2. Initial design and proposal – After reviewing all notes from the initial meeting, we use a combination of computer generated models and hand sketches to create a rough design. From the rough designs, a bid detail will be produced and presented to a potential client.

3. Refined design and proposal – Using the initial design and bid as starting point, we will correspond with a potential client to further refine the project details. This step usually involves correspondence via e-mail, telephone, and in-person interaction. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we may request a ‘design deposit’ at this stage. If a client chooses to proceed with Brothers Woodworks, the
design deposit will be credited toward the project total.

4. Final design and presentation – Using all necessary information, we will create a final design and bid proposal. We will typically have the client and all concerned parties come to our facility for a final sit down meeting. All designs, details, and finishes will be presented and reviewed for approval. Upon approval we will have each client review and sign our standard contract outlining the responsibilities of all involved parties. With all job details approved and contract signed, we will request a job deposit (typically ½ of the project total). Upon receipt of a deposit, we will schedule each job for fabrication and installation.

5. Engineering/fabrication/finish/install – At Brothers Woodworks our policy has always been ‘built-in quality control’. Our team of craftsmen handle each job from start to finish. We engineer, fabricate, finish, and install each and every project using our own in-house talent. At no point do we depend on outside labor to complete our work! This not only ensures full product control but also allows us to offer our fully custom product at a highly competitive price point.

6. Completion – Upon completion, a representative from Brothers Woodworks will walk each job with all concerned parties. At this stage we will inspect the project looking for any deviation from plan, damage, or any other items that may compromise the quality of our finished product.